SEQtools 8.4 registration - build 071

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how do I register ?

To register your free copy of SEQtools send an email to: with the information indicated in the form above.

when do i get my license ?

In most cases you will receive your free registration agreement from me by email the same day.

enter license key in seqtools?

When you have received the email with your user name and reg-key, start seqtools and open the seqtools registration form ( Help/Registration/Enter Registration Information). Type - or even better - copy/paste user name, institution and the registration key in the relevant fields of the form and click accept.

Be careful to enter the registration information EXACTLY as it appears in the registration agreement. Unsuccessful registration in seqtools is in most cases due to misspelled user name and/or incorrect registration key. Note that the user name is both case and space sensitive.