SEQtools manual

The updated seqtools web-manual has been converted to downloadable pdf files by dr. Samuel Duleep.

I wish to thank dr. Duleep for his effort to make the seqtools documentation available for its users in printable form.

web manual - download pdf

The entire web based manual for seqtools was completely revised in the fall of 2006. All functions were tested and the manual text changed to reflect the actual behaviour of the program. Realising that time is a limited ressource I have removed the viewlets from the documentation to make future maintenance a bit less demanding.

The context sensitive help built into the program is very slowly being revised. Realisticly it may take quite a while before this work is completed. So you should use this help source with caution as it in most case will be outdated.

Through the generous assistence of dr. Samuel Duleep, Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, the entire web manual has been converted into a downloable pdf file. To facilitate downloading the approximately 7 Mb, the manual has been divided into three parts.

  1. web-manual part 1 (2 Mb)
  2. web-manual part 2 (3 Mb)
  3. web-manual part 3 (2 Mb)
So at this moment the documentation and the program corresponds - in most cases anyway.

You are of course welcome to contact me in case you fail to find information on a specific topic - or if the information in the manual is insufficient or even incorrect. Send a mail describing the problem to: S.W. Rasmussen

...and do remember to visit the seqtools homepage regularly to stay updated.