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Søren W. Rasmussen

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education: DSc., PhD., MSc.
phone: +45 3616 2259
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For more than 30 years I have been engaged in research in the ultrastructure of meiotic cells, immunolocalisation of topoisomerase II in meiotic cells, sequencing the yeast genomic, characterising the Blumeria graminis genome by sequencing expressed sequence tags and working in Bioinformatics in a major Danish medical company.

Over the past 10 years, a large number of web based services has become available adding analysis possibilities to those provided by an equally large number of stand-alone applications carrying out a number of specific tasks.

With an sequence collection of just a few thousand, a major problem is to manage, analyse and compare sequences in a rational fashion - and to keep the analyses updated. For an individual scientist or a small lab without access to a professional data department sequences stored on the hard drive of a PC as single files comprise an almost unmanageable problem.

This prompted me to embark on writing the first software package, dnatools, which was intended to serve as a local sequence depository allowing the user to perform a variety of analyses using third party programs and to maintain an updated overview of the data.

As of May 1., 2002 I moved from the Carlsberg Laboratory to a position at H. Lundbeck A/S in Bioinformatics. The copyright to dnatools belong to Carlsberg A/S and leaving Carlsberg at the same time put an end to my work with dnatools. The source code, was handed over to Carlsberg A/S and the support of the software package was terminated.

Since then I have written a new software package, SEQtools which was published on the internet on October, 2002. The new package includes new versions of many of the functions previously included in DNATools but also a number of new functions related to various aspects of microarray design.